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Please leave the plan of a Cotton Buds, development, and manufacture to Sanritsu Corp. It corresponds to demand broad from a home to industry and a medical field. The quality control perfect from development to manufacture is performed. Depending on a product, it may carry out from the design of a manufacture machine. I reply to your request firmly by the clear technical power which makes the way of thinking actual.

Medical Cotton Buds,Industrial Cotton Buds,Home use Cotton Buds(Ear Swabs, Cosmetic Buds,for babies)etc..

Sanritsu Products

The quality of the material of the form of the Cotton Buds, length, and an axis etc. is manufactured by the standard of the original of your company united with the purpose. Although the ball of cotton is using the natural cotton 100%, chemical fibers (for inspection etc.) can also be chosen. Moreover, you can specify antibacterial treatment (chitosan antibacterial), wet processing, etc. In Sanritsu, the plan development of a high added value product in which your voice was employed efficiently is tackled.

The direction with the question about a product and those who wish to trade need to send mail to marketing department of our company.
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