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Management Basic Policy

Happiness of the people who relate to the enterprise
Enlighten mutuality in the safe light workplace, and fulfill responsibility for society in the quality, a price, a cost, a profit, the quantity, the time limit of delivery to attain a purpose.
President message
Our company is the company which produces the Cotton Buds by OEM (supply by the partner point brand).
The first president looked at the U.S. Cotton Buds, thought of manufacture of the Cotton Buds and started from development of a manufacture machine indispensable to production in 1963. Although he does not remember the situation clearly since I was still a child at the time, that the father was tackling something eagerly remembers well. This Cotton Buds manufacture machine was able to be completed and production was able to be begun. This became opening of the Cotton Buds production at Japan.

The order received favorable since then was able to be obtained and it was able to grow up by the present figure. Having valued in it was "The demand of a visitor is met."Taking advantage of having obtained demand whether the color of the axis of the Cotton Buds was unchangeable from 1975 age and the visitor, and having corresponded, it came to obtain the demand from medical treatment or an industrial field from ordinary homes, and the Cotton Buds is also used on many scenes and the thing of high added value came to be called for. I am the company which can answer to various demands of a visitor from now on, and think that he wants to go continuously.
Toru Nakatani

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