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The History of SANRITSU Co,.Ltd.

July,1963 Predecessor Akira Nakatani began to produce the Cotton Buds.
July,1966 Established as SANRITSU INDUSTRY CORP
October,1975 Became SANRITSU INDUSTRY Co,.LTD
1975 Production of the Cotton Buds of a coloring plastic was begun.
1978 It succeeds in improvement in the speed of Cotton Buds manufacture apparatus. Productivity improves by leaps and bounds.
September,1981 Became SANRITSU Co,.LTD
November,1986 Expanded to Cebu City in the Philippines
December,1987 Commended by the Ministry ofInternational Trade and Industry
1988 Production of the Cotton Buds used by the medical world was begun.
1993 Production of the Cotton Buds used by the industrial world was begun.
June,2001 Acquired the certification of ISO 9001
2003 Approval acquisition of cosmetics

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